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DASSY is in full control of the entire process, from design to logistics. Thanks to these assets, DASSY stands out in terms of a generally high-quality level and great flexibility to swiftly respond to the specific needs of the professional market. This enables us to achieve our objective to offer professional workwear that complies with all your expectations as a demanding professional.


DASSY is in full control of the entire process, from design to logistics. All DASSY collections are developed by an in-house creative and experienced Belgian R&D team. From styling to packaging, they closely monitor every step in the development process.


DASSY workwear is manufactured in our own production centre. This modern plant boasts the latest equipment. Moreover, a professional team sees to it that every piece of DASSY workwear complies with all standards and requirements so as to guarantee the maximum level of quality.


Apart from in-house design and own production, the permanent stock of over 500 000 items is managed under our control in our semi-automatic warehouse, which allows for a quick and correct daily delivery to over 1000 professional dealers in over 20 countries across Europe.


All DASSY collections are developed in close collaboration with the users. We always call upon the DASSY TEST TEAM: a group of professionals from diverse occupations and industries who test each model from the DASSY range in great depth. They assess the workwear based on its performances on the job, exactly where it matters most. Their recommendations are studied in depth and taken into account in the design. Then the garments are tested until the result meets all expectations. This means that you can rest assured that your DASSY workwear was tested and approved by professionals.