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Life cycle of fall protection equipment

Please consult for detailed information the dedicated product user manual.

For our products made of mainly textiles (harnesses, lanyards, SRL with webbing1)

The maximum life cycle is ten years from the date of production except in cases where environmental factors2 and special conditions of use3 for fall protection equipment apply. An annual inspection done by a competent person4 (trained for PPE inspections) is mandatory.

For our products made up mainly of metal (cable SRL, karabiners)

We do not indicate a life cycle for our products made up mainly of metal. It is unlimited, under condition the product undergoes regular maintenance during the yearly inspection carried out by a competent person. In case of doubt or damage, the device has to be sent for expert inspection/repair at a local Honeywell Service Centre or the factory. For products not subject to maintenance (non workable), the life cycle is a maximum of ten years2.3.


  1. Except for Miller Falcon 6m webbing and Scorpion Edge : Replacement of the webbing kit is every 5 years from date of manufacture.
  2. Contact with chemical products, poor storage conditions, exposure to strong sources of heat (> 50°C), to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, harsh abrasion, etc…
  3. Product deterioration, activation due to a fall, mechanical fault, premature wearing, intensity of use. In all cases, our products must be inspected once a year.
  4. A person who has successfully completed an inspection course and who currently holds a valid inspection certificate.

In all cases, our products must be checked once a year.