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The risks and dangers linked to welding

All welding operations involve a constant risk for the welder and for those located in his direct environment (assistant welder, co-workers or anyone close to the welding application). Wearing the appropriate protection enables the welding process to be performed without any danger, provided that the welder is aware of the different types of risks incurred as well as the body parts to be protected.

The use of welding techniques generally causes the following hazards:

    It causes in the human eye what is called welder’s flash (photo keratitis), which is very painful, generally resulting in several missed work days. In addition, ultraviolet radiation may result in irreversible cataracts. It can irritate the skin and cause burns, or even cancer.
    Intense infrared and visible light may result in permanent damage such as lesions or retinal burns. In all cases, a high intensity of infrared and visible light may also create sore and red eyes (eye strain).

Appropriate welding masks or goggles must systematically be worn, whatever process used, and comply with the directives in force.