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DASSY is a European brand of professional workwear, specially designed for professionals in various sectors, including construction, road building and logistics. With over 45 years of experience in manufacturing workwear, DASSY offers workwear all across Europe, which stands for quality, functionality and durability. A commitment we continue to make!


MAKE YOUR MOVE. Stretching, bending, kneeling, reaching ... as a professional you are on the move all day long. You continuously strive to achieve the best performance possible. Rely on D-FX FLEX for durable work clothes with stretch. So that way you can get to work unhindered. Because you are constantly on the move, and your work clothes move with you.

  • Stretch inserts in strategic areas, such as at the back below the waistband and the crotch, for optimal freedom of movement. Reinforced with the extremely resistant Cordura® fibre for a superior durability.
  • High performance fabrics with work trousers made of mechanical stretch fabric with 4-way stretch Cordura® inserts and Cordura® Stretch knee pockets. The T-shirt and polo shirt fabrics are antibacterial, quick drying and offer UV sun protection.
  • Perfect match with D-FX: In the same 6 colours and with an equally dynamic look. Easily mix and match your favourite items from the D-FX &-FLEX collections to create a stylish outfit.
  • Adapted fit: a nice and tailored fit, without having to compromise on comfort thanks to the mechanical stretch fabric and the additional stretch inserts.
  • Reflective details on every garment in this collection: a nice extra touch, for a stylish look!

Dassy D-FX

EXPERIENCE D-FX. As a professional, you work in all kind of circumstances: wind, cold, snow, dust,… The right workwear supports you in all your efforts. Experience D-FX (‘the effects’) of a powerful technical design, combined with a dynamic fit, to cause the effect you desire. Anytime. Anyplace. Because you never back down. And neither does your workwear.

  • Mechanical stretch: The mechanical stretch main fabric guarantees an increased freedom of movement and an improved comfort.
  • Pockets reinforced with Cordura® for a superior durability. Result: extremely solid and wearresistant pockets to safely store your tools within reach.
  • Water-repellent treatment: As an additional asset, the fabric of the work trousers received a water-repellent treatment. When wetted by water, water drops will roll off the surface.
  • Modern fit: tailored and comfortable. With a lowered waist and reflective details = a modern look guaranteed!
  • Choose between six different colours: elegant black, dynamic azure blue, neutral anthracite grey, stylish midnight blue, classic clay brown or striking red. Combine your work trousers with matching topwear to assemble an impressive work outfit!


EXTREMELY IRRESISTIBLE WORKWEAR. Combine superior durability with the extremely hard-wearing and highly comfortable canvas fabric, extra Cordura® reinforcements and an incredible good look. Result: extremely irresistible workwear. As a self-assured professional, you always opt for durable workwear that allows you to make a good impression. Because you do not only work professionally, you are a professional. It’s in your DNA. And in that of your workwear as well.

  • Canvas weave for an extremely hard-wearing and highly comfortable garment, with a sturdy and rough look.
  • Certified Cordura® knee pockets offer maximum knee protection in combination with the DASSY® Cratos certified knee pads. Can be adjusted in height to ensure a correct position.
  • Cordura® reinforcements: for a superior durability, exactly where you need it: at the holster pockets, back pockets, elbow patches,…
  • Concealed jeans button and zipper eliminates the risk of scratches or electrical conductivity on the job.
  • Zip-up safety pocket to safely store your tools or personal items such as your wallet, phone,…

In short, DASSY DNA equals workwear that’s both tough and easy on the eyes, adaptable to the specific needs of the professional. Hence Durable, Noticeable and Adaptable.


This collection is a classic. Count on a proven track record in terms of quality, functionality, durability and comfort. Thanks to the comprehensive range and colour palette you can quickly and easily find the workwear that fits your specific work situation and company colours. Because your work perfectly meets the needs of your customers, and your workwear meets yours. DASSY workwear goes one step further and also makes work easier for you, “workwear that does the job for you” is more than just a slogan.

  • Comprehensive range: quickly and easily find what you are looking for. With specific subcollections for different target groups: painters, women, kids,…
  • Broad range of colours: you will definitely find a perfect match with your company colours. Easily combine tops and bottoms into one professional look.
  • Large hem easily extend your work trousers or overall: just undo one seam in the hem and obtain 5 cm extra (about 2“)! Thanks to the large hem, the lengthened trousers are still nicely finished.
  • Adjustable back elastic: your work trousers fit perfectly around your waist and do not fall down.
  • Three-needle stitching makes your workwear strong and long-lasting.

This makes that the CLASSIC line has everything to meet any professional needs.


Work safely. It is a fundamental right of every professional. DASSY SAFETY offers you the certified protection you need to minimise the risks you encounter in your work situation. That way you can focus on the job. And your workwear keeps you safe.

  • Certified protection: To guarantee a high-quality protection, all garments from this collection meet the relevant European standards.
  • Safe in summer: NEW: now also discover the SAFETY workwear in a lighter fabric quality, with UV protection and/or mesh inserts.

Given that specific trades often entail certain risks that require a specially adapted form of protection, each of the following collections in the DASSY SAFETY range of products offers an advanced protection for different work situations:

High visibility - visibly safe: High visibility clothes put you - almost literally - in the spotlight. While the fluorescent material makes you stand out in daylight, mist and fog, the reflective tape keeps you protected at twilight and at night.

Multinorm - multifunctional protection: Heat and flame, welding spatter, electric arc, liquid chemicals, explosions,.. Are these the kind of dangers you are exposed to in your work environment? Rely on versatile, multifunctional protection that seriously reduces the risk of potential injuries.
The multinorm collection meets the five most required European standards for flame retardant protection, welding, antistatic properties, electric arc and chemicals. Moreover, the high visibility multinorm models add an EN ISO 20471 certified protection, for higher visibility during the day, at twilight and at night. Consult your garment’s label and user information for the specific standards which the protective clothing meets.

Flame retardant - get fired up for safety: If you are exposed to spatter, flame spread, heat,… this clothing can make all the difference. The flame retardant finish, hidden metal closings, pockets with flaps,… help to reduce flame spread, reducing the risk of serious injuries considerably.
The DASSY flame retardant clothing is certified to the European ISO standards for welding and heat-resistant clothing. Consult your garment’s label and user information for the specific standards which the protective clothing meets.


Professionals know the importance of good footwear all too well. After all, your feet have to endure much on a daily basis. Being on your feet for many hours, staying in uncomfortable positions and working on rough surfaces, make a sturdy and flexible pair of working shoes indispensable. That’s why DASSY safety shoes are not only light, supple and comfortable to wear, but also provide your feet with the required protection so as to be able to work safely on any type of floor.

Opt for an S1P or S3 version and rely on superior protection at every step.

  • Anti-perforation sole, composite or steel toecap and shock absorbing heels.
  • Breathable upper leather prevents moisture accumulation or heating of your feet.
  • Water-repellent upper leather S3 keeps your feet dry at all times.
  • A flexible sole supports your foot in any position and with any movement.


Day after day you dot the i’s and cross the t’s in the performance of your job. Why would this be any different for the choice of your workwear? Complete your work outfit with professional accessories. It’s not only more practical, but also more professional. Our aim is to make your everyday performance easier, more functional and more comfortable.