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Due to the rich background of Dynamic Safety Europe and Edge Safety Equipment, this supplier has the expertise to produce a large variety of qualitative personal protective equipment with safety and user comfort as key aspects. Both in terms of their products as in terms of the manufacturing process Dynamic Safety is innovative, environmentally-friendly and flexible. This way, they always strive to find the best solution for their clients.

The wide range of Dynamic Safety PPE focuses on protective gloves, fall-, hearing-, eyes & face -, head – and respiratory protection. To ensure that the wide range of PPE meets European standards, all products are tested by independent test institutes. Your safety is their mission!


Dynamic Safety designs fall protection to protect people working at height. Falling from height is the second cause of accidents. The equipment you should use depends on the work situation. It is important that you understand the risks of your work situation and choose the right type of protection.


Excessive noise is dangerous for your hearing. Therefore, Dynamic Safety offers solutions for hearing preservation. Prevent hearing loss by profession with Dynamic Safety earplugs and noise-reducing earmuffs.


Eyesight is an essential sense and deserves to be protected. Every year, thousands of people suffer eye accidents in their workplace. These accidents can be avoided if suitable eye, face, head and welding protection is used.


Safety helmets offer secure, comfortable protection. The head protectors feature elegant, lightweight shell designs, height-adjustable suspensions and comfortable padding.


A large range suited to all situations and all professional environments: Cut protection, heat/cold protection, chemical protection...