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Adaptec™ Smoke

Adaptec™ Smoke

Safety spectacles (1030755)


smoke lens shade, Reduces sunlight and outdoor glare to the minimum. Also available in clear lens shade. Adjustable nose bridge: Three position nose bridge is simple to adjust and keeps eyes centered in the lens, where optical clarity is best. Workers' vision is less strained so they experience less eye fatigue, work more comfortably for longer periods and can more clearly see their work. Self-Adjusting Nose Pads: Soft, flexible material allows each nose pad to independently conform to the wearer's face, delivering greater comfort, contact and stability. Adjustable Lens Angle: Improves safety & reduces fogging! Each temple hinge ratchets to seven positions - 30 degrees of custom adjustability so lens is angled for both optimal eye protection and ideal space for air circulation. Temple micro-adjustment: A proprietary temple design (patent pending) that allows workers to adjust temple tension anytime, safely and without removing eyewear. Workers can adjust for personal preferece or task at hand - a firmer fit for active work or a lighter fit for general wear. The temple arm of the Honeywell Adaptec features a rigid insert that slides to control pressure against the head. Wearer can slide insert from front to back for a firmer fit, or back to front for a looser fit. Vented, cushioned frame: Means being able to see clearly, with less fogging! The Honeywell Adaptec 4A+ Coating on both sides of the lens (K&N) ensures excellent anti-fog, anti-static and scratch-resistant properties. Lens and frame marking: 2C-3 / 5-3,1 EN166 1 FT KN CE

  • FACE.EN.166
  • FACE.EN.172

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  • Details
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Product details

  • Brand
    • Honeywell
  • Fit glasses
    • Regular fit
  • Frame material
    • Synthetic
  • Lens coating
    • Anti-scratch
    • Antistatic
    • Anti-fog
    • Hydroshield
  • Lens Material
    • Polycarbonate
  • Lens shade
    • Smoke
  • Mechanical resistance
    • F: impact low (45 m/s)
    • T: resistance guaranteed between -5 and 55°C
  • Packaging
    • Packed individually
    • 10 pieces/box
  • Properties
    • Adjustable nosepad
    • Temples adjustable in length
    • Temples adjustable in height
  • Certification face
    • EN 166
    • EN 172


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