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N Series Combination Filter ABEK1P3

N Series Combination Filter ABEK1P3

Plastic combination filter for class 1 masks (N06575089L)


A wide range of cartridges with plastic body, single internal threaded connection.Tested against standard EN14387 and EN143. This respiratory equipment is acceptable for use in explosive atmospheres with a dust risk (zone 21), and a gas risk for the groups I and IIA (zone 1); for occasional exposure. This filter can be used in combination with the half face masks N5500 Class 1 (N6555003) and N7700 Class 1 (N6577003).


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Product details

  • Brand
    • Honeywell
  • Material filter housing
    • Synthetic
  • Packaging
    • 8 pieces/box
  • Properties filter
    • Combination (dust and gas/vapour)
  • Protection contamination
    • A
    • B
    • E
    • K
    • P
  • Stock article
    • Stock article
  • Certification
    • EN 14387


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