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Millennia® 2G Clear

Millennia® 2G Clear

Safety spectacles (MILL1032179)


Simplicity “Put it on and GO!”: Millennia 2G is designed for those hassle-free workers who don’t want to worry about adjustments or moving parts with their spectacles. No need to worry about lengthening temples, nose piece adjustments or ratcheting temples. Simply take the product out of the package, put it on and focus on the job at hand! Comfort: Softer, more flexible frame material for superior comfort against the head and ears when worn for all-day wear. Superior eye and cheek coverage: Covers the eyes and areas above the cheeks and brow to ensure that the workers are protected from particulates, dust and other impact risks. A greater lens coverage wrap both peripherally and along the cheeks helps prevent particulate risk. A “shelf-like” design element along the brow has been added to help to prevent dust from dropping in between the frame and entering the eyes. Large viewing area: Offers panoramic viewing area to see more both frontally and peripherally while working. Less “frame interruption”, which is a typical complaint from end-users when trying to look towards the left, right, above and below to see clearly in all directions. Nasal comfort and stability: The comfortable nose pads help prevent the eyewear from slipping off the nose and forcing the worker to have to readjust their eyewear throughout the course of the work day. Sporty, more modern frame: Classic and simple in design with a sporty touch to boost worker compliance. Certified to the requirements of the EN166 standards. Millennia® 2G is sold with a lanyard. Lens marking: 2C-1.2 HON 1 FT K N

  • FACE.EN.166
  • FACE.EN.170

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  • Details
  • Details
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Product details

  • Brand
    • Honeywell
  • Frame material
    • Synthetic
  • Lens coating
    • Anti-scratch
    • Anti-fog
  • Lens Material
    • Polycarbonate
  • Lens shade
    • Clear
  • Mechanical resistance
    • F: impact low (45 m/s)
    • T: resistance guaranteed between -5 and 55°C
  • Properties
    • Dielectric
  • Stock article
    • Stock article
  • Certification face
    • EN 166
    • EN 170


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