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Filter Cartridge
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  • protection contamination 

    Protection Contamination

    Choose the right filter by means of the CAS-number.

    • (12)

      Protection contamination A

      Organic gases and vapours, for which the boiling point is above 65°C. For example: solvents, hydrocarbons etc.

    • (6)

      Protection contamination B

      Inorganic gases and vapour, e.g. chlorine, cyanide, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid etc.

    • (4)

      Protection contamination E

      Acid gases and vapour, e.g. sulphur dioxide, etc.

    • (5)

      Protection contamination K

      Ammonia and organic amino derivatives.

    • (13)

      Protection contamination P

      Particles, dust.

  • stock article 

    stock article

    With the filter stock article, you can find all articles in the core range of Proteq. In other words, the products that are held in inventory by Proteq.

  • certification
    • EN 143 (9)

      EN 143

      Respiratory protective devices - Particle filters.

    • EN 148-1 (3)

      EN 148-1

      Respiratory protective devices - Threads for facepieces - Part 1: Standard thread connection.

    • EN 12941 (2)

      EN 12941

      Respiratory protective devices - Powered filtering devices incorporating a helmet or a hood.

    • EN 14387 (13)

      EN 14387

      Respiratory protective devices - Gas filter(s) and combined filter(s).

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