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Dexpure Latex Powdered

Dexpure Latex Powdered

Single use latex gloves, powdered (4580021)


Length: 25 cm. Thickness: 0,08 mm. Natural latex powdered glove. Single use. Benefit: Disposable glove for an excellent touch. Mooth finish to give a good dexterity. The powdered interior facilitates putting the glove on and taking it off. Safety: The glove is made from pure natural latex. Regular controls ensure a very low residual protein rate. Hygiene: The glove is treated to prevent the development of bacteria. Certified for contact with food (AQL 1.5 and food handling certified: guarantees a high level of quality and contact with foodstuffs (non-damaging to health. Glove components do not migrate towards food). Applications: Food preparation. Laboratory works. Manufacturing and presentation of cosmetics. Common hospital duties. Assembly of small objects.

  • HAND.EN.420
  • HAND.EN.374-2

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  • Details
  • Details
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Product details

  • Brand
    • Honeywell
  • Material
    • Latex
  • Packaging
    • 100 pieces/box
    • 10 boxes/case
  • Properties
    • Liquid tight
    • Powdered
    • Food handling and processing certified
  • Stock article
    • Stock article
  • Certification
    • EN 420
    • EN 374-2


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