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  • class
    • FFP1 (3)

      Security class FFP1

      To protect against coarse solid particles without specific toxicity (calcium carbonate).

    • FFP2 (5)

      Security class FFP2

      To protect against solid and/or liquid aerosols identified as hazardous or irritating (silica - sodium carbonate).

    • FFP3 (8)

      Security class FFP3

      To protect against toxic solid and/or liquid aerosols (Beryllium - nickel - uranium - exotic wood).

  • stock article 

    stock article

    With the filter stock article, you can find all articles in the core range of Proteq. In other words, the products that are held in inventory by Proteq.

  • value APF 

    Value APF

    The Assigned Protection Factor is a number rating, used in UK legislation, to indicate the level of protection an item of Respiratory Protective Equipment is capable of providing.

  • value NPF 

    Value NPF

    Theoretical level of protection of a respirator calculated using data on the performance measured in the laboratory. Calculated by dividing 100 by the total value of maximum internal leak authorized as specified in the relevant standard.

    For example: mask EN 149 FFP3 class has a maximum permissible internal leakage level of 2 %. So: NPF = 100/2 = 50.

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