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Pick the right PPE

In order to choose the right type of personal protection equipment, you’re best to rely on the CAS-number(s) of the products you work with. 

What is a CAS number

The CAS-number is the unique identification number for chemical and biological substances and also the most unambiguous way to indicate a substance. Each supplier of chemical and biological substances is required to place this number (international) on their product, so that people who work with this product know which substance it is exactly about. You can for instance find a CAS-number on paint cans, sprays, etc.

What kind of protection do you need?

To determine which type of protection you need, you can enter the CAS-number in the GESTIS database.

When you enter the CAS-number, you will get extensive information about the chemical in particular, et al. composition, information on toxicity but also which personal protection equipment is required to handle this substance. 

Consult the GESTIS database$fn=default.htm$vid=gestiseng:sdbeng$3.0

For example:

The CAS number for bleach (or Sodium hypochlorite) is: 7681-52-9

If you enter this number in the GESTIS database, you will find all sorts of indications which personal protection you have to provide when you use this product.

After, you can find the appropriate PPE to handle this substance via the practical filter option on the Proteq website. Further detailed information regarding what kind of protection a product offers, you can also find on the product pages or the technical file of a product.